6 Undeniable Reasons to Consider a Sleeping bag in your Camping Checklist

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Camping is a mind-blowing experience in the scenic Australian outdoors. Discover the roads to the campsite with stunning views and the true beauty of nature. The tent will be the only shelter you’ll have. So, for your comfortable sleep, a premium quality sleeping bag will keep your warm and cosy with great comfort. When you’re camping in the woods or along the beach, you can expect the temperature to drop at night! It may not be a problem for warm sleepers, but still, it’s necessary to carry a sleep sack with you. As a fact, it’s one of the first things that you need to put inside your camping bag. If you’re planning to camp out in the mountains and the temperature falls lower than expected, at least you’ll have the proper gear to protect you against the cold weather.  

We have listed some reasons you should bring a sleeping bag to your camping trip: 


1. Sleeping bags have varied options and additional features


Keep in mind the following features when picking the right bag:

Temperature :


Sleeping cases come with different temperature ratings. With 20°C or lower temperature, a sleep sack is ideal for summer campers whereas a synthetic bag with a rating of minimum -20°C is recommended for winter camping. 

Material :


   Synthetic bags are versatile and can store heat even when damp. Hence, they’re a good option as they’re easy to carry and store while on the move. 

Shape :


Sleeping bags arrive in different shapes such as rectangular, semi-rectangular, mummy, double bags and kid-size. The rectangular bags have ample space for your legs and arms and you can also use them as a comforter. A mummy bag, also known as semi-rectangular bags offer warmth and enough space for your body. It offers a snug fit and has a great design to provide warmth and comfort to the user. Double bags are great for couples who want to sleep close to each other. The kid-size sleeping case is shorter and an affordable option compared to all of these mentioned sleeping cases. 


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2. A promised good night’s sleep


  Tent campers sleep on the ground and a sleeping case gives you a bit of cushioning. Hence, it proves a handy and amazing option to sleep better at night. 


3. Excellent for emergency use


   The adventure begins the moment you step out of your home, so it’s always best to prepare well in advance. Packing a sleeping case will help you survive any unexpected incident. In case your tent or hammock may be damaged, misplaced or stolen. If it happens, then your sleeping case will act as an emergency shelter. You can also use it as a comforter if it gets more chilly out there. 


4. It’s compact :


   Consider the weight of gear for camping when packing for a trip. Solo travellers or bush walkers opt for a sleeping case as it is light and compact. 


5. Easy to set up :


   An air bed takes a minimum 4 minutes to inflate fully and sleeping bags are easy to set up. All you need to do is pull out your sleeping case and lay it on the ground. Decide how you want to place your sleep sack in the tent. You can set it facing the tent flap or have it parallel to the entrance. Make sure, it doesn’t touch the edges of the tent as the moisture might dampen the sleep sack. 


6. Water-proof :


   As an additional feature of the sleeping case, water-proofing gives you another reason to add it to your camping list. Usually, the experienced campers recommend getting a synthetic bag due to its ability to dry fast and store heat even when they’re damp. 



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