9 vital fitness equipment for all age groups at your home gym

When you have family members of all age groups at home, then you can surely equip your home gym with quality fitness equipment that meets everyone’s requirements. While picking the fitness equipment of your choice, keep every family member’s workout requirements and goals in mind. Don’t worry! It isn’t anything harder than you think! 

To make things easier, we have put together 9 fitness equipment ideal for all age groups:


For any beginner wanting to lose weight, a treadmill is the one you need to opt! The incredible form of cardio exercise, treadmills have varying inclines, differing speeds and heart rate monitoring. 

For senior citizens or old age people, exercising on normal treadwheels, running on concrete and tracks can prove unsafe for their knees. The low impact treadmills are particularly designed to spare vulnerable joints. Hence, you can give the treadwheel a thought! 

Elliptical cross-trainer with exercise bike

It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or pro, an elliptical is low-impact workout equipment, hence it won’t hurt on your back, knees and ankles. If you have old age people then stepping into elliptical pedals or climbing on a stationary bike will not harm their joints. All-in-one, this type of equipment works great for people having any lower-limb discomfort or osteoarthritis. 

Rowing machine

Generally, rowing machines are excellent for anyone looking for low-impact cardio exercises. Rowing machines are great for intense aerobic workouts as well. A rower offers a head-to-toe workout, engaging the upper body, core and legs and helps burn a lot of calories too. Besides, the rowing machine offers a low-resistance workout for those with joint injuries.

Exercise bench

Make the exercise bench a part of your workout as they offer effective exercise for building your chest, arm and shoulder muscles. Ensure you lift the correct weight according to your fitness level.

Dumbbell set

A piece of essential fitness equipment for beginners, young athletes and seniors, dumbbell sets need to range from light to heavy to accommodate everyone. Dumbbells arrive in varied sizes, shapes and materials from plastic-coated to colourful or straight-up metal. Pick the set you require with a rack and save both time and space too.

Barbell set

Whether a young athlete, beginner or senior, a barbell set is great for strength training purposes. Beginners can start their strength training; young athletes can focus on heavy strength training and seniors can increase their bone density to prevent any fracture by lifting them.

Balance trainers & resistance bands

These aren’t any machines as many newbies, young athletes and seniors enjoy using these accessories in their daily workout. Balance trainers involve doing exercises that strengthen those muscles that help to keep you upright, which includes your core and legs. Besides, they help improve your balance and body control, enhance the ease of motion and reduce the risks of falls for seniors.  

Resistance bands are low-cost and straightforward fitness accessories for gently building strength and increasing muscle strength with a low-impact workout for seniors. 

Multi-station gym sets

Versatile fitness equipment, multi-station gym set is any workout enthusiast’s favourite. This powerful gym set includes additional features such as bicep curls, ab crunches, push-ups, leg extension, punching bag and more for a robust workout experience at home.

Yoga mats

Yoga mats are a great way to elevate your yoga experience. It’s because doing yoga on the bare floor may seem a daunting task and leave you with a discomforting feel. A yoga mat can certainly provide your body with the necessary protection and cushioning between your body and the ground. Furthermore, the yoga mat also helps prevent any chances of slipping in the entire process.

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