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We all know that Sleep is a vital part of our life. A good sleep results in a productive and a more creative day ahead. It’s one of the most important and the most neglected aspects of our life that often, we sleep less to get that extra bit of work done.


This can be quite harmful in the long run as lack of sleep surely results in a lot more other ailments such as “high blood pressure”, “a Migraine”.etc


In order to have a sound sleep, there are three prerequisites:


1) A Good Mattress

2) A good bed

3) Peace of mind


We’re not so sure about the last one, but the first two are easily achievable. Let us consider that you already purchased your mattress, but what about a bed that fit’s it?


Not only a mattress, but a good bed frame is also required. This is why we at HR Sports, have a wide variety of bed frames, be it for yourself or for a guest, we’ve got it all covered!


Basically, we’ve divided the section of bed frames into five different types:


1) The Single bed

2) The King Size bed

3) The double size bed

4) The Queen size bed and

5) The king size single bed.


1) The Single bed:

In the Single bed, we have many types, let’s say a guest is coming to your home and you don’t have any extra bed, that’s where buying a guest bed is a good investment.


You can check out the single guest bed here.


2) The King Size Bed:

The name actually conveys it all. It’s a bed for the king. And King’s usually like to spread out and relax, which is why you should check out the king size Mondeo bed here.


3) Double Size Bed:

It’s suitable when two people will be sleeping in the same bed. We also have a wide variety of double size beds in our inventory.


4) Queen Size Bed:

It’s similar to the king size but comparatively less wide than the king size bed. The typical width of a queen size bed is 60 inches while a king size bed is around 76 inches wide.


5) King Size Single Bed:

What happens, with the normal king size bed is that, if not one, it can also be sometimes used as a double size bed, wherein more than one person sleep on it. But here, it’s strictly for only one person.


So, choose your size of the bed and sleep well.