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Buying a Bed Headboard in 5 Steps

Back in the day, bed headboards have blocked the drafts and acted as a barrier to the air generated by the stone walls in buildings, which were poorly insulated. The modern-day heating system renders Bed heads obsolete, but the bed headboard will have a place in your bedrooms on both stylistic and practical levels. If you are someone who reads a book while sitting up, then the padded double bed headboard is beneficial for you. You will not doze off while reading or have neck pain while struggling to stack your pillows up against the wall. The bed headboard will protect the wall from damage and is easier to keep clean as compared to the wall. 

An excellent double bed headboard is able to make your Bed the centrepiece that catches your eye and infuses your senses. We will take you through 5 easy steps of buying the perfect Bed heads. You should follow these steps to ignite the bedroom with elegance.  


The size of the Bed Headboard matters. If you get small bed heads, then you may not be able to see it behind your pillows. If you get the one that is very wide or tall, then you may eclipse your window and turn your cozy room into a room with poor lighting and dwelling sinister. To get the perfect-sized double bed headboards, measure your mattresses’ width and then add 2 to 5 inches on both sides. If you have a mattress with a width of 38 inches, then find the bed headboard, which has a width of 42 to 48 inches. Some extra space makes up for the area taken by the duvet to avoid the entire Bed looking awkward. You might get extra wide bed headboards that are two times larger than the mattress. 

After considering the size, consider the double bed headboard’s height. If you want to sit upon the Bed then you need a taller headboard that will ensure you are not hitting the wall. If it goes above a specific height, it may interfere with the objects like the overhead storage or pictures. The standard bed heads will have a height of 14 to 29 inches, but there are taller ones available. You may find an adjustable bed headboard too that you can fit and then adjust to the height that you want. 

Deciding the Fitting

Bed Headboards
                                                                                                                                                                          Bed Headboards

One best way to ensure that the bed headboards fit the frame is to get the frame with a headboard. If you are finding the bed heads separately and are worried about the double bed headboard not fitting your frame, consider the headboard’s fitting first. If you are going for a wall-mounted Bed Headboard, you will not worry about the fitting as it will fit in the wall. 

But in the case of an independently attached headboard – you’ll need to look at the width measurements to ensure that the struts of the headboard align with the points on the bed frame that allows for a headboard to be attached to it. You will mostly see stickers on the frame that will indicate that you can attach them there. The specifications of size compatibility or the exact measurements of fitting will be found on the product listing while buying bed headboards. 

Most of the double bed headboard will come with the needed equipment to help you in attaching it. You can use extra tools but ensure they do not damage the Bed heads. 

Being Practical

It is essential to consider the width and height of your bed headboards, as mentioned already, before buying them. Other practical considerations that you should consider consist of: 

  • Whether the headboard is hiding your window – If it is the case, then you may need a metal headboard, which will let the light come in and give access to your window. If your window is higher, you may be able to purchase the shorter bed headboard, which will sit below. 
  • Will you or your partner be leaning against your double bed headboards – If this is so, then you need the upholstered bed headboards that will allow you to stay comfortable, or get the adjustable Bed that preserves your posture, lessen your neck pain, and will improve your night sleep. 
  • Do you have enough room for the extendable – Like the murphy beds and bunk beds that have the elements of extendable, such as trundles and drawers, you have to check the width and height of bed heads because it should not prevent the wardrobes, cupboards, doors, or other things that need space to open, from functioning. 
  • Is the Bed adjustable? If you have an adjustable bed, you may prefer the bed headboards, which can hang from the wall for decorative purposes. Raised beds can allow more practicality to use the double bed headboard to work on a laptop, watch TV, or read. 

Selecting the style

Bed Headboards
                                                                                                                                                            Bed Headboards

This is a fun part. You have to make sure that the bed headboards go with the décor of your room. You can do it by looking at the Bed heads pictures online, but also look at the material type that it is made from and the bed headboard styles that are available. Some of the common Bed Headboard types are:

  • Wood Headboards
  • Metal Headboards
  • Upholstered Headboards
  • Wall Mounted Headboards
  • Headboards with Storage

Purchasing the Headboard

The most important and last step is to decide on purchasing your bed headboards. If you have decided which double bed headboards you want to go for, you can look for specific options. There are many different types of bed headboards available for you. Make sure you get a double bed headboard for your double bed. The bed headboards should offer more practicality for you and go with your style and the interior of your room ideally to make it look good.  

Buy from the authentic store, where you get to enjoy the benefits of paying later. Mattress Offers has it all from bedsheets to bed headboards all for you at such reasonable prices. Buy now and pay later with no worries at all.

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