How Do I Know What Type Of Bed Frames & Mattresses To Buy?

How Do I Know What Type Of Bed Frames & Mattresses To Buy?

A right bed frame and mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. Almost 92% of the people who were surveyed say that a comfortable mattress is necessary for them too. Health is affected by choosing wrong bed frame and mattress. The mattress is as important as the right mattress is. Among many different kinds of bed frames, If you are looking for a reasonable bed frame, we have collected information that might be helpful for you.

On average, a person sleeps for almost 8 hours, that is one-third of the day. This means one-third of your life will be spent sleeping. If you are spending this much time on something, it means it is worthy of your attention.

The right size mattress will provide excellent support. It will also increase the life of the mattress. Selecting the right bed frame is not easy because of the options available. There are a few factors that might influence the decision. They are as follows.

Bed Frames And Mattresses

A Quality bed frame serves more purpose rather than just being a place for setting the mattress. A stylish frame can instantly be the focal point. Bedroom with floating drawers and 4 tier bookshelf adds Space for storage. Bed frames come in metal, wood, leather, and fabric.

Different styles, colours, and methods of finishing create many options. The frame structure is under two categories. They are box springs/foundations or slats.

– Slats

A series of bars that are placed across the frame’s width is called slats. They make a base for supporting the mattress. Strong wood is used to make these slats. Make sure you look at the distance that is present between the slats; generally a space of 2.5 inches is ideal. Length should be less between slats because more Space means that the mattress will be destroyed. Slats are invisible with the bed on the top. But, they are essential for supporting the mattress.

Two types of slats are available: concrete and sprung. Solid slats are flatter. Pine is used to making them. Every slat crosses the bed frame’s width. They are cheaper as compared to sprung slats, but they provide firm support. Sprung slats, also known as Euro Slats, use flexible curved wood. There is an upward arch on it often. Natural bounce is provided so that the bed adjusts to the weight and size. Thicker sprung slats create a firm base.

– Foundations and Box Springs

Box spring precisely consists of a wooden frame that has sprung. It is covered with a cloth so that it matches the mattress. Usually, people put box springs without a frame on floors. With lesser airflow, moisture is trapped within the box spring. If you select a box spring, put it on the legs or stand, so it does not touch the floor. A foundation is similar to a box spring, but it has wooden slats under the cloth. Foundations and box springs give more shock absorption, but they provide lesser support for the mattress.

Available Space For The Bed Frame and Mattress

Having a mattress makes it easy to select the bed frame easily. A bed frame is suitable according to size of mattress.

Available Space For The Bed Frame and MattressConsider a few things before you buy the size mattress that includes the available Space, other furniture that is present, Space to walk around freely after placing the bed frame, and then get a suitable queen bed frame with afterpay.

Match the Bed Frame to the Décor

Getting the perfect size is not very hard. Material, style, and colour options that are present can be a lot for you. Start by identifying the look that you want.

Match the Bed Frame to the DécorIf the led bed frame is your focal point, the style and size choices is perfect. Considering the interior design of the bedroom is the first step. It would help if you looked for a frame that goes with the entire Space. Select a leather, metal, or wood, size mattress based on the décor that you prefer. Get a complete set for the bedroom to ensure all your furniture matches.

– Wood

Wooden bed frames are a convenient way for conveying comfort. Wooden bedside table is extra addon for texture, colour, and finish to make each bed unique. The standard wooden frames consist of maple, walnut, oak, pine, and mahogany.

Every wood has a specific personality. A classic is a mahogany bed frame. Pine frames give out country vibes —  bed frames of wood range from complicated to uncomplicated.

– Metal

For a look that is more modern minimalist, go for a metal size mattress. An elegant metal frame is contemporary and cool. A brass bed or wrought iron sets a more traditional mood. Bed frames of metal are durable. If taken care of correctly, the metal looks new for years.

– Leather

Leather give off a luxury look. You can get faux leather or genuine leather frames. The leather frames are available in colours that range from black to beige to red. The leather is wrapped around the hardwood frame. These frames are sleigh or platform styles. They require more maintenance, such as unique products for cleaning to keep leather in excellent condition. After deciding the decor, you should determine the type. Look for many frame models. Few choices are wrought iron, upholstered frames, brass, and sleigh beds.

The Height Of The Bed

Apart from sizes and styles, also look for the bed height. The height is not standard. The bed frame will raise the height of the mattress. Add the mattress thickness and size of the bed frame together. When you sit on the bed, the feet should touch the ground; this is the ideal height of the bed. Look for this as well when making a decision.

If you are looking for a reasonable bed frame, then we have an excellent place for you. Visit Mattress Stores for the most fabulous bed frame. We have many types of bed frames available for you that will go with your bedroom décor and style.

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