The Miracle of Neuro feedback Offers New Hope In her book “Miracles Are Made: A Real-Life Guide to Autism” Lynette Louise brings the reader a new kind of hope, as she relates concrete information gained through her personal experiences of the effectiveness and power of Neurofeedback techniques for healing autism.

By the middle of the first page of chapter one, three-year old Dar was already tugging at my heart-strings. Lynette Louise had my attention and my respect as a concerned care-giver and adoptive parent. Lynette understands and discusses the problems that leave parents vulnerable to false hopes of finding a magical potion in Neurofeedback for curing their child of autism.

Lynette is careful to state and describe a problem before she tries to present a solution. Her writing is filled with ideas, information, and insights. She is not only well-informed she is articulate and convincing in her presentation. She is candid while warning of the constancy of self-denial, the development of a martyr complex, and the overwhelming bouts with depression.

She writes from a practical standpoint rather-then from theory as she talks about the sensory perception and stress issues of care giving, and the need to be energized and focused. She reinforces the paradigm that children with autism can be successfully treated. I appreciated the organization and flow of the material. Lynette previews in the introduction the aim and purpose of each chapter.

The book is divided into two sections: Section I deals with Lynette’s journey in raising eight children, two biological children, six adopted, five disabled, four on the autism spectrum. She also shares illustrations from the stories of some of her clients and their families.

Section II is a resource section and includes: diagnostic criteria, available therapy, causal theories. I found her research listing to be very comprehensive. In conclusion she reviews the contents of the material again reinforcing the concepts included. Several personal friends and acquaintances are currently struggling with the impact of autism on their children. I also have family members directly involved in the dealing with special needs children professionally.

In my reading I became so emotionally involved that I often had to put the book down to allow time to assimilate the material. Board Certified in Neurofeedback, considered an expert in Autism, Lynette Louise teaches children, counsel’s parents, and speaks to professionals. I highly recommend “Miracles Are Made: A Real-Life Guide to Autism” as must a read for educators, tutoring agencies, mental health professionals, social workers, and parents of autistic children. Robert D. Reed Publishers P. O. Box 1992 Bandon, Or 97411 978-1934759493, $ 17.95, 2011, 370 pages A complimentary copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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