Spring cleaning compared to Regular cleaning


Spring cleaning has a long history — some investigators have dated the concept to clinics from over two thousand years back. Peters Cleaning lets us know what to look for to have your house or rental property cleaned.

Others point out that it became a trend in Melbourne because before vacuum cleaners were invented, March was the ideal time to air out rugs and rugs as it had been warm enough to have the windows open, and moist enough that dust clouds did not get out of control! Whever its roots, it is an immensely satisfying way to cheer in the milder weather and begin looking ahead to summer — but what actually is the difference between a spring clean and your ordinary everyday clean?

Spring Cleaning and End of Lease Cleans

Spring cleaning is all about nooks and crannies. A regular clean will concentrates mostly on surfaces, wiping down the doors of cabinets and dusting over knick knacks on shelves. A spring clean means taking everything out of the cupboard, scrubbing the interior, then cleaning each item before placing it back in. Shelves are cleared and scoured, furniture pulled cleaned behind, all those puzzle leftovers evicted in the back of the refrigerator. It is about the dust rarely used dishes, stains lurking in the back of cabinets, and debris hiding in seldom-seen corners.

Prevention or maintenance for Rental Properties

Another way to look at is is maintenance versus preventative. Everyday cleans are about keeping things ticking over and clean and clean enough to handle a couple more days before your next wash. A spring clean is all about tackling jobs which on the surface may seem unnecessary, but will prevent problems or frustrations down the road. It’s a fantastic opportunity to clear any build up of dirt or limescale in the dishwasher and washing machine before they become a problem, and handling that hallway cupboard often contributes to coming across things you had not even realised you had lost!

Time to make a change to help get your Bond back.

Spring cleans are a excellent chance to institute new systems to enhance your life and make everyday tasks more efficient. While day-to-day life can occasionally feel like an exercise in keeping your head above water, a spring clean gives you the opportunity to take into account whether moving some furniture around may open up a space, or if setting up a new key hook by the front door or a shoe rack to cut back on shoes strewn around the hallway could just make life easier.

Most importantly, a spring clean is a opportunity to take stock. Decluttering those dry products quietly going years from date in the back of the pantry provides you a better sense of everything you will need to stock up on. Taking all of the books down to provide the shelves a fantastic polish will often bring about a satisfying couple boxes for your local charity shop and a new sense of space in your living space.

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