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Tips on Buying the Best Dressing Table

The dressing area is for everyone. It is an ultimate luxury, an area for you only and where you pamper yourself. You can have some self-care time or get ready in this area. Having a dressing table is a must in every bedroom. You can start the day and finish it around this area. It is the first and the last thing that you see, so it has to be the best one. This furniture comes in various styles and types, so choosing the best one is not as easy as it looks. Given below is the guide that will allow you to select this furniture. 

Things to know before beginning the search 

Before you begin thinking about a dressing table, you have to choose the area where you will keep your makeup table. You can keep it wherever you have easy access to clothes, accessories, makeup, shoes, and jewellery. This makes your bedroom the best place to keep your dressing table or the dressing room if you have one.  

You should have enough light in the chosen area, so it is better to put the makeup table by the window. If it is impossible to keep the makeup table in front of the window, then keep it across your room as the dressing table with  mirror will reflect light on you. This will make it easier for you to do your makeup. 

 Things to consider 

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There are a few things that should be considered when getting a makeup table, and they are as follows:

  • Space

Make sure you have enough space to keep the dressing table that you are getting. If you have less space, you can buy a table that will fit in the corner. 

  • Budget

Some of these pieces of furniture can be expensive, and they cost as much as other furniture in the house. You can always consider some DIY options too. Before buying the makeup table, you can set your budget up based on what you can spend on the table.  Then select the option that is within your budget range, so you do not break your bank. 

  • The lighting of the dressing table 

Makeup is about playing well with the light hitting your face, so you should have bright lighting. This is the reason why a lot of people have lighting only for their dressing area. Recently, the  dressing table with mirror with a light around it has become very common. If you are on a budget, you can put fairy lights around your  Beautiful dressing table. 

  •  Collection of items 

If you have a lot of makeup and jewellery, you will need a place to keep it and protect it from harmful elements. A makeup table with custom storage is perfect when you have to keep your collection. 


Furnitures come in several styles for you to select from. The common types of dressing table are:

  • Traditional Dressing Tables – In many houses, the conventional style dressing table is commonly used. It is elegant and simple, along with one to two drawers. If you are accustomed to classic furniture styles, this is great for your fitted standard mirror. 
  • Modern Dressing Tables – The Modern dressing table is stylish and elegant. It is an excellent option for you if you are looking for a simple and perfect piece for the needs of your dressing. It has a unique style that will add sophistication and boldness to your room with the squared edges and glass features.
  • Console Dressing Tables – It  can be added to any room as it has the design of a console. It is contemporary and stylish. It is compact and comes without a mirror. 


Dressing Table | PLA

Your dressing table comes in a range of materials. The two most common materials that are used to make the makeup table are: 

  • Solid Wood Dressing Table – Wood is a common material preferred, which is why it is popular. You get many options in furnitures made of wood. It is a popular choice for makeup tables too. Wood is durable and sturdy, and it has a wood grain and attractive texture. 
  • Glass Dressing Table – Dressing table made of glass is distinct, and it adds sparkle to every space you put it in. You can leave marks on glass very easily, so you have to keep that in mind.  


A lot of things can be done when it comes to the finish of a makeup table.  You can wax, varnish, paint it or leave it untreated. A wooden dressing table will look unique with its grains. The easiest thing that you can do with your dressing table is to change the handles and knobs. 


You will need a comfortable seat as you will spend time in front of your dressing table when you are getting ready. It is better to get a seat with padding or a cushioned seat, which will add a touch of luxury to the area. Small benches and stools are also common if you have lesser space, as these can be tucked under them after you use them.   


Dressing-Table | PLAEvery makeup table has a focal point, and for the majority of them, it is a mirror. A dressing table with mirror is great for looking at your outfit. The bigger it is, the better. For applying makeup, a small mirror is good that can be moved closer to the face. 


You want to keep everything on your makeup table, especially all your makeup. Acrylic storage options are good as you can see through them and get what you want. You can use grouped storage for keeping the items that you use the most. 

All of us need a dressing table. At pay later Alligator, we have the best quality makeup table for you. We have a dressing table with mirror as well as some options without a mirror. Get your chosen furnitures by using afterpay and pay later. 


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